New York Times Book Review: Banks Is Marriage for White People?

My Articles

Below you will find pdfs of some of my publications:

Buying White Beauty, Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender 

Black Arts and Good Law: Literary Arguments for Justice in the Time of Plessy, Law, Culture and Humanities

Dismantling the House of Plessy: A Private Law Study of Race in Cultural and Legal History with Contemporary Resonances, Studies in Law, Politics and Society 

Let Me Holler at You: African American Culture, Postmodern Feminism, and Revisiting the Law of Sexual Harassment, Georgetown Journal of Gender and Law

Post-Intent Racism: A New Framework for an Old Problem, National Black Law Journal

Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theory, and Some Reflections on Methods, Villanova Law Review

Occupying the Universal, Embodying the Subject: African American Literary Jurisprudence, Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature

Do You Really Love New York?: Exposing the Troubling Relationship Between Popular Racial Imagery and Social Policy in the 21st Century Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy

Of Desi, J. Lo and Color Matters: Law, Critical Race Theory, and the Architecture of Race, Cleveland State Law Review, LatCrit Symposium

2nd author with Leonard Rubinowitz: Book Review Essay of Stephen Grant Meyer's As Long as They Don't Move Next Door, Northwestern Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology


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